CSGO Latest Standings on DreamHack, ESL & BLAST Premier

Let’s look at the latest news from Pro CS: GO and preview what’s coming up next. So, how about we start with the DreamHack Masters over in Europe?

Dreams are made at DreamHack

Initially, the Spring iteration of DreamHack Europe was supposed to take place in Sweden. But COVID Antonio Vargas Vargas – my pet name for SARS COV-2– had other things to say about that. Plans were altered and changes were made. It would have been 16 teams in a grand event, but the tourney went online in remote format for everyone’s well-being.

BIG was behind G2 Esports bigtime. But at this level, teams are here to compete, and with the difficulties presented inherently with CS: GO – the fact that spotting your enemies can be really tough– no pro team is truly out of it, no matter what the odds or CS:GO predictions say.

So, although they were behind and not expected to win … it was BIG who took home the 54K dollar prize and a solid 400 points to move them up the standings. G2 Esports snagged 28K dollars and 265 points and Faze Clan won their 3rd place matches to take home 190 ESL Pro Tour Points and 20 Gs in cold, hard cash.

Official Spring Results:

  1. BIG
  2. G2 Esports
  3. FaZe Clan
  4. NaVi
  5. NiP
  6. MAD Lions
  7. Fnatic
  8. Vitality
  9. Complexity Gaming
  10. Astralis
  11. Team Spirit
  12. Heroic

So, unfortunately for BIG, the win doesn’t count for the INTER Grand Slam, but with those extra 400 points, they are qualified for the ESL ONE Cologne at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany, originally on July 10th. The Cathedral of Counter-Strike will not be housing an audience this time around. Thanks, again Coronavirus, worst guest ever. Instead, it will be a live broadcast. But don’t worry. If you bought tickets to the event, they will still be honored next year at ESL ONE Cologne 2020.

The changes come at the hand of the German government’s continued precautionary measure regarding the gatherings of crowds. And instead of a July 10th start date for the 2020 event, the ESL ONE Cologne will begin on August 21st. 

Astralis is now sitting in 9th Place in Europe. Big is at first place with 400 EPT Points, G2 is in second place with 265 EPT Points; FaZe is in 3rd with 190 EPT Points; Natus Vincere is in 4th 130 EPT Points. And NIP brings up the 5th position with 85 EPT Points. 

In North America:

  1. Furia 320 EPT Points
  2. Liquid 190 EPT Points
  3. 100 Thieves 130 EPT Points
  4. Cloud9 85 EPT Points
  5. MIBR 55 EPT Points

In Asia:

  1. TYLOO 185 EPT Points
  2. Tiger 85 EPT Points
  3. Beyond 45 EPT Points
  4. Lucid Dream

In Oceania:

  1. Renegades 185 EPT Points
  2. Avant 85 EPT Points
  3. Order 45 EPT Points
  4. Chiefs Esports Club

So, even with roughly 100 points more per event going towards the European teams due to point distribution, all of the other divisions are still far behind. Team Liquid is ranked 5th overall, so even if you gave them 500 points more … like they came in first at five euro events, they still would be behind NaVi and sitting in 4th place in the European division.

But the Blast Premier is underway, so Liquid has a chance to grab a few extra points and climb the international rankings some if they defeat Evil Geniuses on June 17th. After all, they are -190 to win. Now, this doesn’t mean they get ESL Pro Tour Points, but they would get 2400 BLAST Premier Circuit points and perhaps jump into second place above Fnatic.

Currently, NaVi is in first with 5225; Fnatic in second with 3238; G2 in third with 3100; and Liquid in 4th with 2575. If they win, they’ll have 4975 points in the BLAST Premier Circuit.

It’s exciting times as we move towards Katowice and Cologne even if it’s going to be online, and not live and in-person events.