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CSGO: Grenades can no longer apply impact damage more than once

That’s literally the update log for the latest update dispatched for CS:GO, which you probably didn’t even notice. The update sized 5 MB, and improved a grenade mechanism, which assures the damage from the grenade to be monotonous.

Earlier, several users had reported that the grenade damages in some of their games were abnormal. In simpler terms, a grenade would earlier inflict damages more than once, or when you’re bhoping and a grenade strangely sticks on you, causing it to block and explode irregularly, will no longer be the case after today’s update. Valve’s earlier update to the game, last week also had mechanism upgrades to the grenades.

Further, the CSGO community was anticipating something bigger than this obviously. It’s been a couple of months since Source 2 rumors and leaks were making the way. On top it, it’s the VALORANT launch day! Valve could’ve been the notorious child to deploy a large and interesting update.

But looks like Christmas is still distant.

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