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CSGO: Flusha reacts to FPL removals

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Only a couple of days ago, Faceit became the centre of attraction to CSGO players when s1mple announced his collaboration with NiKo to form a Faceit hub featuring only professional players across the scene to engage in entertaining and fun games. The centre of attraction swiftly became the centre of controversies following their decision to remove certain players from FPL.

CSGO pro Flusha has finally decided to speak up about the removal of players in FPL. The 3 time major winner who’s currently playing for Fnatic seems to put the blame on the players themselves.

For the unaware, FPL recently decided to remove several players without giving any transparent reason whatsoever. Here’s a list of players who were kicked:

The list includes 7 players from the top 20 of this month.

After the incident surfaced on Reddit, the community had mixed reactions about the banning of the pro players. The primary complaint the community had was the absence of transparency on the removal of players. An FPL player was removed only 18 days after qualifying.

While the community was creating a rant on the subject, Flusha finally decided to speak up. Through a detailed post shared through his Twitter, he opened up his mind.

He starts by saying that while he may not agree on all the players who were kicked, they were kicked for a reason. According to him, the FPL admins are aiming to create a “professional environment” for people to play in. 

“Players who were removed have to think about why they might have gotten removed,” said the ex-Cloud9 pro. He mentions how having a “really good k/d ratio” is not enough to stay in FPL if players are “lacking in communication, spreading negativity or being a bad teamplayer overall.”

He also names several CSGO players who he actually enjoys playing with and who always “put in effort into the games any way they can.” The players he named are v1c7or, rallen, lobanjica, bubble, nukkye. According to him, they are “spreading quality in FPL” in spite of not being the most “skilled” players.

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