CSGO caster HenryG denies allegations of sexual assault by her ex-girlfriend

"I have never sexually or physically abused Kelly or anyone else," says Henry.

On June 22nd, the professional career of CSGO caster Henry “HenryG” Greer may have hanged in the balance as his ex-girlfriend Kelly Jean slammed him with several serious accusation including physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Today, Henry has finally responded to the allegations, and has denied all the major accusations raised against him by his ex.

Henry termed the relationship between him and Kelly as ‘toxic’ and ‘destructive’ which is why they decided to end it. He then claimed to not have been involved in any sort of physical or sexual abuse to Kelly and said that her description of the events were untrue and inaccurate before proceeding to explain his side of the incidents.

The events which happened, as described by HenryG, are completely different from what Kelly had previously mentioned in her statement. While HenryG admitted to having been a ‘bad boyfriend’ due to his work and travel routine, he claimed to not have made any sexual advances without the consent of Kelly. On the contrary, he stated that it was Kelly who initiated it, and later stopped due to her not feeling well.

Attached with his statement, HenryG also attached several leaked screenshots of the messages between him and Kelly which seem to show her acknowledge that nothing inappropriate happened that night.

He mentioned that the emotional trauma of Kelly surrounding that night might be the results of an ‘actual’ assault which Kelly had undergone through in the past. He also said that while Kelly’s trauma was ‘understandable’, what happened between them was consensual, effectively making her allegations baseless.

He further wrote about some unwanted advances and uninvited visits Kelly made to his house in London during recent times, years after they had officially broken up in 2018.

From the different presentation of events from both sides, chances are that this isn’t the end of it. While Kelly has recently turned her tweets to ‘protected’, it’s very likely that this situation will escalate further once a reply from her surfaces.