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16-year-old CSGO pro gets death threats for accused cheating against MiBR

The loss of MiBR against Chaos EC knocked them down to the lower bracket of cs_summit 6.


The passion of Brazilian CSGO fans is known to the world, and that passion is what has kept the Brazilian professional Counter-Strike scene shining since the early days of the shooter. But that passion turning into hatred and blatant death threats against a 16-year-old is certain to not be welcomed by the community.

After their match against MiBR, 16-year-old Chaos EC player Nathan “Leaf” Orf was accused of using cheats to gain an advantage, and the Brazilian CSGO fans weren’t very happy with this. Some suspicious clips of the game which have surfaced recently also further added fuel to the fire.

The Summit 6 qualifier match between Chaos and MiBR was intense, with both teams showing consistent performance throughout. The game 3 went on overtime and ended 19-17 in favour of Chaos, knocking MiBR down to the lower bracket.

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Losing this game was undoubtedly hard on Brazilian fans, and Brazilian CSGO player Gaules calling Leaf out as a cheater during his live stream sparked hatred against the 16-year-old throughout the country. This hatred was soon to transform into a flurry of death threats aimed towards Leaf, an action which was strongly resented by the CSGO community worldwide.

However, no concrete evidence was found against Leaf which can conclusively prove that he was cheating in the game. As of yet, every accusation against him is just speculation which arose from some of his clips.

Evil Geniuses star Tarik “tarik” Celik also commented on this scenario. He mentioned that he found the clips suspicious, but through a follow-up tweet he clarified how the threats against Leaf are uncalled for. “I’m sorry for adding fuel to the fire,” the EG pro said.


Popular CSGO personalities like Machine and fl0m were also quick to raise his voice against the accusers. Fl0m also specifically mentioned that he didn’t think that Leaf was cheating in the game.

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