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CSGO: Astralis’ dev1ce sheds light on Krieg’s affect on AWPing

Astralis sniper Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz explained his side of SG-553 debate, how the extremely power T-Side alternative to the AUG is hurting AWPers and his playstyle.

We previously reported how pro players like Fallen and Shox are calling for the gun to be nerfed. It has been a debate ever since top players were exploiting the weapon. The likes of Elige and Brehze were extremely good with it and showcasing it’s true potential, left pro players with little reason to buy the AK-47. The Krieg is known for it’s one shot one kill policy like the AK it is very powerful in close range, on top of that it boasts a scope which boost its potential in ranged fights, to that extent where Awpers are starting to prefer it over the Big Green.

“Tough night for me personally, struggling to AWP against the Krieg. Not even sure if it’s worth buying the AWP anymore” said dev1ce on Instagram after beating Big Clan on October 24. His teammate Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen agreed to Dev1ce on twitter saying “the Krieg meta is getting out of hand” before putting a poll on asking his fans to chose the lesser appreciated one between the AUG Meta and Krieg Meta.

AUG the Counter-Terrorist counterpart to the Krieg rifle is also nowhere near as powerful or inexpensive, with the AUG coming at $3300 and SG significantly low at $2750 giving a slight edge to the Terrorists. The Krieg has been rising in popularity since early 2019 and is now beginning to overtake the AK-47 as the most used gun.

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