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Top-Ranked Counter-Strike 2 Leaderboard Holder Accused of Getting Boosted By Cheaters

Cheating has always been a major cause of concern in the CSGO community. From the dawn of its release, the competitive shooter has suffered from cheaters infesting the title’s matchmaking, ruining low-trust factor lobbies and the gameplay experience of new players.

With the unveiling of Counter-Strike 2, fans held high hopes and expectations, as they believed that this update would mark a significant turning point in the ongoing battle against cheating within the game. However, recent accusations against the top-ranked CS2 leaderboard holder might show that the problem of cheaters is still persistent within the CSGO successor.

Over the past few days, plenty of evidence has surfaced within social media forums that point to the world’s #1 ranked CS2 leaderboard holder, nicknamed ‘VeNoM 026 – FiRe – ftw’, being constantly boosted by cheaters.

According to data taken from CS2 Stats, Venom has played 96 games with players who are now banned from the game. Taking a glance at his recent games, we can see that every single game has had a cheater detected in it.

Despite constantly queuing with cheaters and his teammates getting banned, Venom is yet to receive any penalty in his competitive rating and still continues to dominate the CS2 ranked leaderboards.

Counter-Strike 2 is still in its limited test phase, with its highly anticipated final release just around the corner this week. Fans are holding onto the hope that this update will include an upgraded version of VAC Live, which can decisively combat the cheating issues that have plagued CS2 in its beta stage.

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