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CS2 Players Discover New Console Method for Wallhacks Within Hours of Valve’s Fix

The Counter-Strike community was recently shaken by the discovery of a console command that gave CS2 players wallhacks in-game. Fortunately, the exploit was swiftly fixed by the developers through a significant patch that was shipped to the game yesterday. However, it seems that a new method of wallhack has surfaced in Counter-Strike 2, and like the previous one, this new exploit also relies on using the console to be able to see entities through walls in the shooter.

The command in question provides CS2 players with wallhacks, without requiring the ‘sv_cheats’ option to be enabled in the game server. Yes, this means that players can exploit this in official servers at will to see enemies through walls.

This console command was recently tested by popular Counter-Strike streamer ‘ohnePixel’ during one of his recent CS2 live streams. When activated, this command provides information about enemy models through walls that otherwise shouldn’t be visible to the players.

This game-breaking bug can be easily replicated by any CS2 player by simply typing the following command in the console:

‘Cl_draw_simulating_entities true’

Once the player inputs this console command, they will be able to see yellow boxes around the enemy models throughout the map. We don’t recommend using this in official matchmaking games as it will likely ruin the experience for other players, even though the user’s screen will get extremely cluttered, unlike the previous exploit.

With the integrity of the game at stake, many fans are eagerly anticipating a swift response from Valve to address this game-breaking issue. 

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