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CS2 Anti-cheat Is Far Behind Valorant: Hiko

One of the legends of CSGO, Hiko who transitioned into a Valorant pro claims that the anti-cheat on CS2 is yet to catch up to what Valorant offers at the moment.

No other game in the world is as infamous as Counter-Strike for its abysmal anti-cheat and with the release of CS2, the situation is no closer to improving than before. CSGO’s anticheat never really posed a threat to the cheaters of the highest order and coming across blatant wallers became unsurprising at one point which led players to opt for 3rd party platforms like Faceit or ESEA.

With the release of CS2, anti-cheat was one area that fans anticipated to see a drastic improvement in, especially after Riot introduced Vanguard, an anti-cheat that is invasive at the kernel level with Valorant which is significantly better and arguably class above anything Valve has for CS at the moment, however, CS2 is still as plagued with cheaters as its previous generations.

Hiko in his latest stream addressed the issue stating “I don’t play against many hackers in Valorant at the highest rank. Whereas the highest rank in this game, everyone complains about it,”.

Ever since the launch of CS2, players have been begging for an anti-cheat since improved servers and the introduction of Premier mode have stopped players from going to platforms like Faceit. Since the official servers are housing significantly more players than before which has made the sheer number of blatant cheaters readily apparent.

Only time can tell if Valve does something to address the situation or if we have to settle for VAC waves like before which were few and far between.

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