Top 5 New Football Prediction Sites Worth Checking Out

We could all use a little help here and there in making football predictions. There is nothing wrong with pushing ego aside and absorbing the thoughts of other analytical minds to help steer you in the right direction.

The more information that you have to hand about a specific game, the better the chances you have of making a strong, informed prediction. Ignoring data because it contradicts your research is foolhardy – there could be some valuable metric wrapped up in the info that you may have missed. 

Reading different football prediction sites, especially those providing tools to evaluate the chances of teams in a game, like the UKClubSport’s own Team Strength Indicator, can help you gauge which way a match is likely to play out. On this page, we look at some top prediction sites to use.

What to Look for

There are things that you should be on the lookout for when browsing for the best football prediction sites. One of the key things is quality over quantity. A small handful of carefully crafted tips could be a lot more beneficial than being bombarded by some many that you don’t know what to do with them. 

Also don’t just blindly follow tips that dip into markets that you’re unfamiliar with. The usage of tips should be examined after studying statistics and markets yourself. The tips you look at can then strengthen your predictions or at least get you to question them from different angles.

This site makes predictions easy. By using tremendous statistical insights and data, you use their simple team strength ratings for comparisons. As well as checking out the latest ratings from their algorithm, you can search for the best leagues based on stats, like the best for over 1.5 goals or the leagues with the most draws. 


The site packs a punch with its tips, which lean towards the mathematical football predictions side of things. Browsers can select different football betting markets like First Team To Score and Both Teams To Score to get a nuanced look at the things that matter the most. This is more statistically heavy than some other sites on this list meaning you still may have to do some leg work. 

Houdini Predictions

There are some great unique features at Houdini Predictions, including very rare live in-play betting predictions. That’s an outstanding feature that they have available. A large focus of their tips is dropping odds predictions as they track the markets. Houdini Predictions scours more than 230 leagues around the world daily and only delivers a select few tips per day. 


The comparison matrix at Squawka is a tremendous tool to play with. You can select teams and players to compare side by side and see really specific data to help guide your predictions. Their tool integrates data from Opta and is easy to use, allowing you to customise your areas of interest, but it requires work and as it’s not automated you draw your own conclusions from the results. 


This site has been around for a while and offers an extensive platform of tips. The match previews are great as they are well written and early except for the rationale behind the selection of tips. There is a dedicated section for accumulator predictions and it branches out into predictions from other sports as well. There is a lot of free information there, but also a VIP option.

Free vs Paid

As you search around the internet for football predictions you will invariably see some predictions behind a paywall. That raises the age-old question of whether paid tips are better than free ones.

Not necessarily. There are so many free prediction resources available out there like UKClubSports, that you can easily access free resources to get a good analytical picture of an upcoming match. 

Predictions that you pay for also chip out some of the potential profit that comes back from a bet. But is there enough extra data in them to significantly increase the chances of selecting a winning prediction? At the end of the day, you have to weigh up as a punter, which way to swing.