Cheaters Got Counter-Strike 2 Beta Access Before Consistent CSGO Streamers

counter strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 has finally been revealed by Valve after several weeks of speculation around the same. Prior to the announcement, data miners were able to spot changes in the databases that read “today” building upon the hype for the former.

Valve’s highly anticipated “Counter-Strike 2” is set to make its debut with a limited test starting today. The game promises a complete overhaul to every system and every piece of content, bringing with it the largest technical leap forward in the history of the franchise.

Counter-Strike 2 would be released this summer alongside a promise of an “overhaul to every system, every piece of content, and every part of the experience.”

Upon its announcement, players will have access to beta-test the new iteration of Counter-Strike. Valve also released a FAQ guide for the CS2 closed beta which says the latter would be awarded to players who have a good conduct score across their matches. 

According to the Anti-Cheat Police Department on Twitter, there have been a significant number of cheaters who have got access to the closed beta test of CS2. WarOwl (who has dedicated the last decade of their content to CS) and Anomaly, among other content producers, have not yet been given access to the game.

CSGO has a bad reputation for being a safe haven for cheaters, who undermine the smart and competitive environment the game strives to create. Players have complained about the anti-cheat system ever since the game was swarmed by hackers and have successfully fled to other first-person shooters like Valorant or third-party sites like Faceit.

Players who have been previously banned by Valve in CSGO do not get access to CS2 and nor will they get unbanned as stated by Valve on their official blog. Recent events don’t seem to support Valve’s commitment to fighting against hackers and cheaters in Counter-Strike 2, despite promises of an improved anti-cheat system.

At the moment, players are dissatisfied and concerned about cheaters as the most anticipated sequel of the first person is now online. There is still time before CS2 comes out of Beta testing and so we hope that it gets patched with a new Anti Cheat system. For more updates about Counter-Strike 2, make sure to follow TalkEsport on Google News