CPLF’s PokemoN slams Jazba Invitational admins over “incompetence”

CPLF's winning streak in Jazba Invitational is halted, and Pokemon has a lot to say.

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CPLF’s Initiator Saad “PokemoN” Ahmed’s recent Twitlonger has landed the Nodwin Gaming’s team handling Jazba Invitational in hot water.

The sixth stage of the Jazba Invitational is currently being spearheaded by a team of admins operating in Pakistan under Nodwin Gaming. A player from one of the biggest teams in Pakistan is already at odds with the management after his team’s winning streak was broken by default on the 25th of April.

In a Twitlonger, Pokemon, who was participating in the finals from CPLF, accused the admins of unsporting behavior and incompetence. The professional player revealed that their team was dismissed without prior notice as MAXD, the other team, was granted a default win. The player further claimed that the management failed to offer a satisfactory explanation upon his reaching out.

“No contact or update was given by Nodwin to us or our manager. When the time came they straight up announced MaxD as winner of the grand final, which just shows more incompetence and inability from Nodwin,” said Pokemon.

Pokemon explained that his team was set to play their final game at night after wrapping up an Indian tournament. The Jazba admins granted extra time to CPLF to finish their game but inadvertently omitted to mention essential details that would later lead to CPLF getting a penalty. Despite a tight schedule, the team managed to show before the final deadline that was 11:35 PM, set by a Jazba admin after CPLF failed to show at 11:00 PM.

The pro player claims that he wasn’t adequately warned about getting penalized by any admin. However, one of the admins made a subtle mention of a penalty before the veto began, but he wasn’t sure. CPLF quit the lobby when they were asked to either step back or “play with the map disadvantage.”

After much back and forth, the match was postponed to the next day, which was a relief for Pokemon and company. However, MAXD was awarded def-win due to prior events, leading Pokemon to publicize the matter that took away what would be CPLF’s sixth consecutive win in Jazba Invitational. The admins decided in MAXD’s favor since CPLF refused the play the game.

“I know and accept the fact that I will find no justice by making this post, but I have to put everything out to spread awareness – we won 5 jazbas in a row. It was our legacy, winning all 6 in a row. It was stolen from us by Nodwin and their Pakistani team,”

He further claimed that admins repeatedly used a “threatening” tone when he confronted them about mismanagement. According to Pokemon’s post, one of the admins wasn’t sure about the implication of a map penalty and a walkover in their situation.

The pro player communicated with Nodwin Pakistan’s team lead Mohsin Haroon and COO Gautam Virk but received what he deemed to be an unsatisfactory response. The team lead, Mohsin Haroon, declined to comment when Talkesports reached out but confirmed that “PR will handle” the problem.

The Jazba admins didn’t necessarily breach any set rule by granting def-win to MAXD after CPLF left the game; Pokemon’s primary issue with admins is their vagueness and ambiguity in communication. It remains to be seen how the situation unfolds since the winner has already been publicly announced. However, an official statement should be expected from the management as this wasn’t the first Jazba Invitational in Pakistan and certainly won’t be the last. The organizer and team may release a prompt response to clear out the air for future events.

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