Counter-Strike Source player Atta “crazyarab” Elayyan who was also the goalkeeper of New Zealand’s national men’s futsal team lost his life in the Christchurch shooting.

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Crazyarab was famous in the early 20’s, where he won multiple online Counter-Strike: Source tournaments with a local team called NewType. He played the game at a professional for a very small period and chose to pursue a career in computer science and launched his own software company. His demise leaves behind his wife and daughter.

In an interview in 2012, he said that “I would have never gotten into the tech industry had I not been obsessed with gaming during those years and the hours of focus, intense game play and desire to succeed has actually helped me alot [sic] in many aspects of my life. Of course, even if it was a complete waste of time, the people and friends I met during those years made it worth it”

The news of his demise was first posted on Twitter by Nick Shaw and was later confirmed by his family. He was shot and killed when he was praying in Masjid Al Noor Mosque.

Two fundraisers (givealittle & gofundme) have been started to support the families of those lost in the shootings in New Zealand.