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Counter Strike 2 Pro nbgee12 Banned For Stealing Pro SSDs

ESL/FACEIT have recently banned the 19 year old Counter Strike 2 pro player, Adam ‘nbgee12’ Zanzoul. The reason for the ban was confirmed after nbgee12 confessed to “taking stuff’ that he wasn’t supposed to during IEM Dallas. Let’s take a look at why this 19 year old CS2 pro player was banned by ESL/FACEIT.

The incident came to light when nbgee12 confessed on CoJoMo’s live stream when the 19 year old was asked about his ban. nbgee12 confessed to being allowed in the venue(IEM Dallas) at night and then ‘taking’ SSDs belonging to Stewie2k, NiKo and NertZ. In the stream, CoJoMo talked about a five year ban, however this five year ban was later changed to a permanent ban by ESL. After the ban, nbgee12’s FACEIT page now reflects a ‘BANNED FOR UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT’ tag.

The 19 year old has not disclosed the intentions behind taking the SSDs. Later on in the stream he went on to explain that no excuse would justify his actions but he was ‘super sleep deprived, hungry and under influence.’ ESL/FACEIT chose the ban hammer as SSDs that nbgee12 took were the ones used by players during IEM Dallas.

Regardless of the reasoning behind taking the SSDs, nbgee12 was detained by the authorities on May 31. It is important to note that this is not the first rodeo for nbgee12. He was earlier banned by FACEIT Pro League for attempted match-fixing which resulted in a 100 years long ban. But that ban was lifted by ESL due to a change in policies. Just 60 days after the old was lifted and nbgee12 has found himself facing a permanent ban.

With the ban, ESL/FACEIT have shown their commitment to preserving the integrity of the game and maintaining an environment of fair-practices. Needless to say, nbgee12 won’t be participating in any ESL/FACEIT events any time soon.

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