COD Mobile Season 12 Battle Pass Rewards: All you need to know

COD Mobile season 12 battle pass rewards are revealed and premium users are getting tons of new characters.

COD Mobile has rolled out its Season 12 update and with the new season, the Battle Pass is also getting changed. The main focus of this season’s battle pass is around many characters and weapons skins and those who opt for the paid version of Battle Pass will get some new weapons, legendary skin and many epic character camos as the rewards.

Battle Pass in COD Mobile is similar to other seasonal passes that are usually seen in battle-royale titles and players need to complete certain set of tasks and continue to play the game throughout that season to claim all the rewards.

Call of Duty Mobile is adding a new weapon and bringing back the Urban Tracker in a new avatar. The update is focused around the newly introduced Night mode and hence, darkness can be said to be the theme of this season.

COD Mobile Battle Pass details

The Battle Pass is available for every player in COD Mobile but the range of rewards depends upon the type of battlepass you opt to go with. Those who choose to go with the paid pass get the most out of it and the free version gives ample rewards but cannot be compared to the Premium Battle Pass.

The Premium battle pass costs 560 Credit points and as we increase the tiers, the cost increases. Adding tiers to the Battle Pass reduces the amount of missions and players can instantly unlock the rewards.

Season 12 Battle Pass Rewards:

Free Battle Pass offers the following rewards for this season:

  • AK47 – Stalwart
  • ORV – Hard Water 
  • New Operator Skill – Ballistic Shield 
  • New Weapon – AGR 556 
  • Locus – Stalwart 
  • Charm – Bullet
  • Calling Card – Green Team
  • ICR 1 – Stalwart

Premium Battle Pass offers the following rewards for this season:

  • HBRa3 – Black Gold
  • Ghost – Jawbone
  • Charm – I see all
  • Type 25 – Infiltrate
  • Urban Tracker – By Night
  • QQ9 – Black Gold
  • Price – Dead by Night
  • HG40 – Forward Motion
  • KN44 Black Gold
  • Velikan – Megalith
  • AGR 556 – Byakko
  • Calling Card – Discord

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