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CoD devs temporarily take down MW3 and Warzone Ranked Play

Global server issue has forced Call of Duty developers to take down Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Ranked Modes as of now while they have promised to deliver a fix as soon as they can.

According to reports, a bug has surfaced that has been resetting player’s levels back down to one while erasing all their progress. Known as the “Minot Hawthorne” error, Call of Duty developers have had to temporarily suspend Ranked Play in both Call of Duty: Warzone Resurgence and Modern Warfare 3.

This suspends affects not just Ranked Play, but also Modern Warfare Zombies until the issue is resolved. This bug affects account levels, SR, challenges, events, and battle passes’ inability to track progress. So, players will have to wait until an update is released to fix this issue.

Overnight, Warzone and MW3 players encountered the Minot Myer error, which prevented them from tracking progress in events, challenges, battle passes, SR, and account levels. This error caused concern among players who feared losing their progress permanently. However, an update is currently in progress to address this issue, and once it is live, everything will return to normal.

Before Ranked Play was taken down, another glitch known as the Minot Hawthorne bug also caused errors. On February 21, a minor update resulted in Cruise Missiles being broken, rendering them uncontrollable. This affected the only killstreak available to players in Ranked Play.

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