Chamber To Get Nerf Second Time, Confirms Valorant Devs

Valorant Patch 5.03

Added to the game back in November 2021, The Frenchman Vincent Frabron aka Chamber is a weapons designer for Kingdom. He was a major suspect in the Everett-Linda research facility incident and had met his omega counterpart. He met Brimstone and Viper and was introduced in Valorant as the eighteenth agent. 

The Fourth Sentinel added to the game is much more than just a sentinel. With his aim-centered abilities and economy light kit, Chamber has become one of the most picked agents in Valorant, leaving behind the likes of Jett and Sova in pro play.

In Casual lobbies, we see a Chamber in every match, with most people switching from Jett to Chamber as the kit offered makes him a much better operator agent than Jett. With a pocket Guardian and an Operator which shoots like a Marshal, a good Chamber was a force on defense and offense. 

The Chamber kit additionally provides the ability Rendezvous, which teleports Chamber to a previously set point allowing him to duel early and to escape the duel when he finds it appropriate. The headhunter ability of Chamber offers eight bullets, with each bullet costing 50 credits initially and 100 credits now. 

The Trademark ability offers an interesting slowing of the enemy and is crucial for taking care of flanks. Initially, two strong trademarks defended the sites and were hard to deal with, and later they were nerfed and reduced to one. 

The nerf to Chamber’s Trademark and not to his damaging ability had a severe backlash from the community. Everyone felt this made Chamber more of a Duelist than a Sentinel. With increasing pick rates, everyone believes his ultimate Tour de Force and the Headhunter should be nerfed as they seem overpowered.

Chamber To Get Nerf Again Confirms Valorant Dev

In a Reddit post answering the same, Riot Dev Penguin suggested a Chamber nerf is on the horizon. The upcoming nerf would not traditionally be a nerf but a rework to Chamber, making him more balanced and ensuring other sentinels get their due diligence.

The changes aren’t coming soon and will be out later this year. The changes will be focused on making other Sentinels as reliable as Chamer and balancing out Chambers’s aim concentrated abilities.

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