Call of Duty: Mobile adds a new operator skill to the arsenal of weapons and unique skills. ‘Katana’ is the new skill from the ongoing The Forge season and is a close-range Operator Skill.

Katana, the lethal sword needs to be unlocked subsequently like the other operator skills and can be used in Multiplayer Mode. The Katana Operator Skill can be unlocked into the Katana Kill Challenge.

Katana is a lethal sword that has an ability to kill your opponents in a single shot but the skill is very tricky to operate as the player has to get close enough to actually activate the skill and pull off the sword swing.

Call of Duty:Mobile launches new Operator Skill 'Katana'.
Credits: Call of Duty:Mobile

A player equipping Katana can spot and lock onto the enemy player in smoke grenade so the most effective plays using this skill can be pulled off in close-quarter combats by using smokes.

Katana can be unlocked in the Featured Events section by clicking into Katana Kill Challenge. There is a list of tasks to choose from and the more task completion offers more rewards like a MW11 pistol, a sticky grenade and a Crash spray.

source: Call of Duty:Mobile

Enabling Katana Operator Skill switches the mode to third person perspective for a wider view and has a small lunge distance, so being within striking distance is important to utilise this skill.

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