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Buddhist Monks in Thailand won an Esports event

In Thailand, a team of Buddhist Monks who shocked everyone and wowed the first place in an Esports Tournament held in Thailand at the Khon Kaen University.

The three apprentice monks, who are currently studying at a school in Thailand called Balee Sathit Suksa (School for Educating Monks), took part in the Khon Kaen University-run tournament for the mobile game Speed Drifters–, And they shocked everyone when they came away with first place.

They only study religion for 20 hours each week. The rest of their school time is spent on courses from a traditional academic curriculum, they study secular subjects as well one of them being Computers where they got into the world of online gaming.

“The novices are just children, like other people their age that need to grow, develop their skills and explore their interests,”

“We wanted to give the students an opportunity. A lot of them don’t have that coming from poor families or broken homes, The three want to compete, they asked to. So we gave them the opportunity.” chuckled Kokkiad Chaisamchareonlap, a monk and academic coordinator at the school.

While on Social Media, some criticized the students for wearing their saffron robes, saying it was “inappropriate.” A few controversies were raised against them and the religious matter.

That school wasn’t the only religious school to compete in such event but they’re the only one to win it.


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