Thiago Henrique Fontes Gouveia, Brazilian Free Fire pro passed away today in Brazil because of a car accident. Thiago’s team Vivo Keyd announced the same this afternoon on Twitter and thanked the 21-year-old for all his efforts and dedication.

The accident took place in Thiago’s home state, Pernambuco, but there’s no official confirmation about any of this yet. Thiago was living in the state of São Paulo in the team’s headquarters. With his team Vivo Keyd including team mates like his teammates Kroonos, Boyca, Martins, Vazily, and Brabox, Thiago was able to secure the second position in 2020 Free Fire League. He even reached a score of 1,547 points with 2 Booyahs in the finals which ended on 15th March. Before Vivo Keyd, Thiago used to play for the GOD squad which came in fourth place during season three of the Free Fire Pro League Brazil 2019.

Other Brazilian esports teams paid their respects to Thiago as well. Team oNe, CNB, KaBuM!, FURIA  and Santos were some of the orgs which expressed their support for Vivo Keyd on losing one of their player. LOUD, one of the biggest Free Fire squads in the country, said that, “Sharing the same stage and dream as Thiago is something that will always be remembered.”