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Boy dressed as girl participates in a Lenovo all-female CSGO Tournament

The tournament required its players to play during a video call.

How often do you see a male pretending to be of the opposite gender to participate in a video game tournament? Chances are, not very often. Today, a gamer made his best attempt to bamboozle the system, but unfortunately wasn’t very successful.

Lenovo’s Legion of Valkyrie tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an all-female CSGO tournament where males aren’t allowed to participate. The tournament rocks a prize pool of $1000 with $600 reserved for the first-place finish.

The special video call rules of the tournament requires its participants to play while on a live video call to prevent identity frauds. Here’s what the official rules say: “Players must use a Video Call (while playing), through either mobile phone or PC to verify that the player is the same person who registered in this tournament.” The rules also mention that players have to engage in a video call room 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the game.

An Asian male gamer thought it might be a good idea to sneak past the security and land a shot at the sweet $1000 prize pool by dressing up as a female. The participant also took an extra step ahead and wore a wig to ensure that he gets by the video call without getting suspected. However, it seems like his efforts were in vain.

He was soon caught for his fraudulent attempt at the female-only tournament and the news spread like wildfire throughout Twitter.

The images attached clearly show the image of the person wearing a wig to blend in with the females. He also wore a mask which further helped him maintain his disguise.

We’re still not aware about Lenovo’s decision on the matter, but it is almost inevitable that the player along with his entire team will receive a ban from Legion of Valkyrie.

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