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BMPS 2023: Date, Trailer, Teams and More Details

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 is primed to be a landmark event in Indian esports. Scheduled to commence on November 22, 2023, this tournament marks Krafton’s continued commitment to the Indian gaming scene, particularly after the game’s triumphant return post-ban. The BMPS 2023 promises an unparalleled display of competitive gaming, setting a new standard for esports in India.

How Many Teams Will Play at BMPS 2023?

A staggering 96 top-tier BGMI teams will participate, battling for glory and a substantial prize pool of ₹1 crore. This significant number of teams highlights the immense popularity and competitive nature of BGMI in India. Teams have been meticulously selected, ensuring that only the best of the best compete. The format and complete schedule of the event are eagerly awaited, with fans and players alike anticipating a thrilling showdown.

Krafton’s BMPS 2023 is more than just a tournament; it’s a testament to the developer’s dedication to nurturing esports in India. Following the BGIS 2023, held in Mumbai as a LAN tournament, the BMPS 2023 is set to elevate Indian esports to greater heights. This event not only showcases the prowess of Indian gamers but also Krafton’s vision of creating a robust and vibrant esports ecosystem in the country.

The BMPS 2023 will see teams like Soul, GodLike, and Orangutan, who had underwhelming performances in the BGIS 2023, striving to clinch their first official trophy of the year. Notable squads, including Hyderabad Hydras and Team XSpark, have made significant changes to their rosters, adding to the tournament’s intrigue. The introduction of new in-game leaders and strategic overhauls by various teams hints at fierce competition and thrilling matches.

As teams gear up for the BMPS 2023, the event is shaping up to be a battleground where strategy, skill, and teamwork converge. With a mix of seasoned champions and ambitious newcomers, the tournament is set to be a showcase of high-octane action and strategic gameplay. The presence of fan-favorite teams and top-performers from recent tournaments adds to the excitement, promising a series of intense clashes and memorable victories.

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