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Staff-Wielding Opponent Locations Guide In Genshin Impact

Embark on an exciting adventure in Genshin Impact’s Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log Event, where your Day 4 challenge is to capture images of the elusive Staff-Wielding Opponents. This guide provides you with a detailed roadmap to locate these unique adversaries and snap the perfect pictures for Lepine-Pauline’s research. With rewards like Primogems and Mora at stake, let’s dive into the world of Teyvat to track down these opponents.

Identifying Staff-Wielding Enemies

Before you set out, it’s essential to know who you’re looking for. Staff-Wielding Opponents in Genshin Impact are diverse, each bringing a unique challenge. These include:

  • Hilichurl Fighter and Berserker
  • Various Hilichurl Guards (Wooden Shield, Rock Shield, Ice Shield)
  • All Samachurls
  • All Abyss Mages
  • Fatui Skirmisher: Geochanter Bracer
  • Treasure Hoarders: Seaman
  • Eremite Daythunder
  • Frost, Wind Operatives, and Icewind Suite
  • Shadowy Husk: Standard Bearer and Line Breaker

Prime Locations for Capturing Staff-Wielding Opponents

1. Abyss Mages in Guyun Stone Forest

Discover four Abyss Mages here. Use the domain to teleport to Guyun Stone Forest and ascend the mountain for ideal photo opportunities of these mages. Afterward, move north to capture the last mage​​.

2. Samachurls and Hilichurls in Mondstadt

Travel north from Guyun Stone Forest to a small fort in the sea where Hilichurls and Samachurls perform their rituals. Quietly take their pictures before heading west to a small island, a known Hilichurl camp. Also, teleport to the Cecilia Garden domain in Mondstadt for more Hilichurl photographs​​.

3. Fatui Skirmisher: Geochanter Bracer in Mont Esus East

Teleport to Mont Esus East waypoint and head southeast to find this opponent. Caution is advised as getting too close may trigger an attack​​.

4. Frost and Wind Operatives in South Mont Esus East

After photographing the Geochanter Bracer, venture south to spot two Fatui Operatives. You’ll find them guarding a small cage and an energy storage cell, respectively​​.

Additional Spots

Northeast of Mondstadt, including Stormbearer Point and the Mountains, are also fertile grounds for encountering groups of these adversaries​​.

Embark on this photographic journey across Teyvat, capturing the essence of these unique foes. Each snapshot not only brings you closer to completing your mission but also unravels the diverse and dynamic world of Genshin Impact. With this guide, you’re set to ace the Day 4 challenge and reap the rewards!

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