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Blaze esports bring ex-orange esports players in the roster

After not so good performances in previous some LAN tournaments by the all-bangaloreans roster they have made slight changes in the roster by adding Raph and Cara (ex-orange esports players) in their roster.

Rafael “Raph” Marcal is a player from Macau and Iman “cara” Jeffery is from Malaysia, played for Malaysian organisation Orange Esports in the recent past but not found their stepping in the roster.

Anil “Lucia” Lucia and RobbeN will be not be the part of active roster anymore and the foreign players will take their places.

This line-up will be seen in action in the upcoming WESG South Asia Open Qualifiers:

  • Agneya “Marzil” Koushik
  • Ganesh “superk1d” Gangadhar (SKRossi)
  • Rossi “Rossi” Kiran
  • Rafael “Raph” Marcal
  • Iman “cara” Jeffery
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