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BGMI servers went into maintenance break despite ban

Krafton, the developers of BGMI, pushed a maintenance break for their BGMI servers earlier this morning and took them down for almost 30 minutes. This action has confirmed that the servers are up and running with developers still checking them from time to time.

BGMI is currently unavailable in India with all the supply cut out due to the ban. The game cannot be downloaded from official application stores and now it seems that only the distribution network has been hampered and not the game itself.

BGMI was banned in a way similar to PUBG Mobile but the actions taken during these two bans are quite different. PUBG Mobile servers were almost instantly closed but BGMI servers had no news of being shut down.

In a recent development, it has been evidently confirmed that the servers are still up and running. This means that Krafton is still maintaining the quality of its services via maintenance breaks and other such things.

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The maintenance break that happened today was not officially announced anywhere but players that tried to log in to the game around 12:00 PM were greeted with this message.

Krafton has stated that they are in talks with the Indian government to bring back BGMI in India and seems like the game will not be taken down even if it remains ban for the time being.

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