BGMI Unban News: All Latest Updates From Krafton For BGMI Return

bgmi ban news

Krafton Inc, the developers of PUBG and Battlegrounds Mobile India recently released a new statement in October 2022. The rough translation of this statement corresponds to the reason BGMI was banned and how the company is taking efforts towards the unban.

A recently published new press release, announcing Q3 results stated some things about BGMI. The report ended with the developers stating that they are trying to bring back BGMI services in India.


BGMI was banned in India by the July end by the Indian government over concerns of violating user privacy and having links with China in some form. This ban has impacted the distribution network of BGMI as the game is still active on its older version but newer content cannot be added and its official marketplace listing on Apple and Google Play Store have been removed as well.

This ban was officially recognized a few weeks ago as an RTI query confirmed that BGMI is blocked in India. Krafton had stated earlier that they were working with Indian government to bring back the game and players were expecting that BGMI could come back by 15th August but no announcement was made since that time.


Now, this press release is the first new official source of information that has confirmed that Krafton is still involving the the unblocking activity. The concluding statement made in the report is as follows:

“Finally, KRAFTON is continuing its efforts to resume services for BGMI and will continue investing in the Indian gaming market.”

Adding to this, the recent statement made in October 2022 states the following; identifying the root cause as to why the game was banned. The spokesperson also mentioned that PUBG Mobile was earlier linked with Chinese publishers; implying Tencent; and same has been implied for BGMI release as well.

“India stated concerns about breaches in cyber security along with violence in games as reasons for blocking [the game].

This is a statement of reassurance for the entire BGMI community as the developers are still working on the comeback and there is a lingering possibility that BGMI unban can be a reality soon.

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