BGMI Pro Saggy accused of hacking by Indian community

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The problem of hacking has been persistent since the inception of video games and doing it on a professional level has led to many dramas and scandals in the past.

PUBG Mobile has been infested with hackers in official tournaments in the past and now, a BGMI pro called Saggy is accused of hacking by many renowned personalities from the Indian community.

Sagar ‘Saggy’ Kumar is an uprising BGMI professional player currently playing under Enigma Gaming. He was signed by Enigma after his incredible performance on the roster of Team Celsius. This uprising star is now under question as the legitimacy of his performance is under a scanner.

Saggy was called as a shady player for the past few months due to some questionable clutches that he pulled out in some third-party tournaments. Recently, this issue was raised for the first time by BGMI pro Saumraj.

Saumraj is a rising star himself and is currently a key aspect of the Skylightz Gaming roster. He was doing a live-chat stream yesterday and the topic of Saggy using hacks was brought up.

According to Saumraj, Saggy was caught using hacks onstream as he was trying to switch between apps on his iOS device and two BGMI applications were spotted.

Saumraj also stated that he is well-versed with the latest hacks that are used in BGMI and this one is apparently used on jailbreaked iOS devices to hide the tampered game on-stream and the player can continue to use it while playing the game.

S8UL Sid, one of the biggest influencers from the BGMI community, has called out Saggy as well. In the series of stories, the clip with two games running simultaneously was highlighted. One story from the string also shows that the name of application seen on Saggy’s stream, “Winios Zero”, is apparently a hacking service application provider.

Saggy is currently on a break as he was not seen playing in the 7Sea Invitational tournament recently. He did respond to these allegations by uploading a screen recording from his device and showing two BGMI games. He used a sarcastic tone while questioning if “having two BGMI apps on his phone makes him a hacker.”

The allegations are not directly addressed by Enigma Gaming yet but as the player is not currently on their active roster, they might speak up very soon. The issue of hacking has infested PUBG Mobile in the past and a similar trend could be seen in BGMI as well.

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