BGMI Patch 1.6: Top 10 New Features

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Krafton is planning to push a new update on Battlegrounds Mobile India and has provided a sneak peak preview of what players can expect in this new update. This BGMI update is called patch 1.6 and will be quite similar to the global version update of PUBG Mobile.

The developers have introduced a new mode in the game, where the in-game maps will be modified with new content. This mode is called as Flora Menace mode and we might see some new abilities and locations in Erangel, Sanhok and Livik. The preview reveals these locations or skills as Life Barrier, Zillion Matrix and Dynahex Supply.

A ‘Show Route’ button will also be added to the mini-map in the next update. This function will show the plane path to players during the entire map. The intention to add this feature is to make it easier for players to estimate where their enemies might be and add a layer of aggressive play style to the games. The scope adjustment button is also tweaked to enable a smoother operation with this new update.

Apart from the gameplay changes, the developers have adjusted settings layout as well. A new basic settings menu will be provided in the new BGMI Patch 1.6 update with changed button layouts.

The developers have also added a new feature called Capture Hightlight moments and even though its working is not explained yet, it might be used to save highlight worthy moments in your battles.

The last few changes are made to training grounds and arena mode. Players can now access unlimited ammo in training grounds and practice their aim without constantly picking up the ammo. Three new guns which exist in classic mode on various maps are now introduced in the Arena Battle mode. A small change is that UAZ and Bus will now have a better durability once the patch 1.6 is pushed in BGMI.

These new changes sound exciting and it will be interesting to see if they make a big impact on players’ playstyle in Battlegrounds Mobile India.


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