BGMI LAN events: List Of All Upcoming BGMI Lan Event In India

BGMI Lan Event

BGMI Esports has taken an interesting turn in recent times as the LAN culture is returning back to the country. A total of four LAN events have taken place within a short span of six months and many more are coming in the future. Here is a list of upcoming BGMI LAN events and their probable timeline.

LAN event gives a special touch to a normal BGMI tournament where the players are all sitting inside the same arena and more emotions are involved. Some events also has audience present and the upcoming ones are going to be as massive as the ones that have recently happened.

Next BGMI Lan Events

There are a total of three upcoming BGMI LANs to look out for and they are as follows:

ESPL Finals will be the first LAN event that is right around the corner. The qualifiers for its invitational route are already in progress and a total of sixteen teams from various streams will come together in an LAN format on 30th June.

The ESPL LAN will run for a total of five days, concluding on 3rd August 2022. The prize pool of this event is ₹1 crore.

The next big event will be Skyesports League 2022. This event will take place in Delhi from 7th to 11th August and a total of 16 teams are invited to represent their cities at the LAN event. It has a humongous prize pool that will range in crores and the exact amount is yet to be announced.

The final and confirmed BGMI LAN event is called as Rooter Pro Series. The details and dates for this event are yet to be announced but one can expect it to be a huge event. The invitational qualifiers are already in place right now and the top sixteen will make their way into the Pro Series. The prize pool of this event will also be in the crore range.

This is an exciting time for BGMI fans are three LAN events are lined up in this short period. Make sure to tune in to the official streams to enjoy the action.

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