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BGIS 2023 Round 4: All Qualified Teams and Group Distribution

As Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 enters its highly anticipated Round 4/Quarter Finals, the stage is set for an intense showdown among some of India’s top BGMI teams. Only the best-of-the-best teams have made it to the Round 4 of the tournament. Krafton India has officially revealed all qualfied teams and group distribution, let’s take a closer look.

BGIS 2023 Round 4 Format

Round 4 of BGIS 2023 features 64 formidable teams, all vying for a chance to secure a spot in the Semi Finals. These teams have battled their way through the earlier rounds, showcasing their skills and determination. In this stage, the teams are divided into four groups, each containing 16 squads. The top 4 teams from each group will advance to the Semi Finals, while the remaining 48 teams will get a shot at redemption in the Losers Bracket.

BGIS 2023 Round 4 Group Distribution

Following is the group distrbution for Round 4:

Group A:

  • WSB Gaming
  • BR Vintage
  • Rivalry Esports
  • Team SouL
  • Crosskill Esports
  • SPY Esports
  • Night Owls
  • Team No Ones
  • TWM Gaming
  • Infamous Hackers
  • Nade Official
  • Metalwings
  • Redemption Crew
  • Team Fly Esports
  • Team Invincible
  • MICI Esports

Group A is a powerhouse of talent. The battles in this group promise to be intense, as every team strives to secure a place in the Semi Finals.

Group B:

  • Team X Spark
  • Stellar Titans
  • Blind Esports
  • DMW Esports
  • Autobotz Esports
  • Bloodrose Esports
  • GlitchX Reborn
  • Velocity Gaming
  • Grind One Esports
  • Road To Glory
  • BR Titans
  • Hyderabad Hydras
  • Team Psyche
  • Trouble Makerz
  • Gladiators Esports
  • 4Trouble Maker

Group B features a mix of established teams and rising stars. The competition here is fierce, with all teams aiming to make their mark.

Group C

  • Gods Reign
  • Marcos Gaming
  • 4 Aggressive Man
  • Brave Esports
  • Revenant Esports
  • Numen Gaming
  • Midwave Esports
  • Big Brother Esports
  • ORB Esports
  • Kerala Esports
  • Silly Esports
  • Nest Esports
  • Great Esports
  • 7Habit
  • Team Systummm
  • BurnX Official

Group C presents a unique mix of teams eager to prove their worth. With the battle-hardened teams, this group promises action-packed matchups.

Group D:

  • Acid Esports
  • Team iNSANE
  • Team Mayavi
  • HUB Esports
  • Lucknow Giants
  • Dragon Esports
  • Growing Strong
  • OR Esports
  • IM Officials
  • TitanFTW
  • Medal Esports
  • TeamSE4L
  • X7 WOlves
  • Team Cruz
  • Five Filter Esports
  • LOC Esports

Group D showcases a diverse range of teams, all with their eyes on the prize. Expect intense battles and surprise upsets in this group, as the underdogs aim to outshine the established names.

As BGIS 2023 Round 4 unfolds, the excitement is all-time high. With only a limited number of slots available for the Semi Finals, every team will leave no stone unturned to reach the pinnacle of the tournament.

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