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BGIS 2023 Losers Bracket: All Qualified Teams

Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 (BGIS 2023) has been a rollercoaster of intense competition and remarkable gameplay. After the conclusion of Round 3, 64 teams have qualified for Round 4 and 16 teams will advance to Losers Bracket. In the Losers Bracket stage, teams will have one last chance at redemption before the Grand Finals. In this article, we’ll provide you with a pointwise list of the teams that have qualified for the Losers Bracket from Round 3.

List of Teams Qualified for the BGIS 2023 Losers Bracket

Unfortunately, the official list of 16 teams qualified for the Losers Bracket from Round 3 is not out yet. However, Instagram users eSports Data Stats have taken the initiative to compile a list through direct communication with participating teams. This list offers insights into which teams are most likely to secure a place in the Losers Bracket. Following is the list:

  • TWOB
  • Dsync
  • Claw
  • NFE
  • Gwl
  • VST
  • GT
  • DoD
  • CS
  • INS
  • HG
  • Enigma
  • Oneshot
  • GenxFM
  • Empire
  • Executors

It is important to note that while eSports Data Stats’ efforts are commendable, this list should be approached with caution. The information is obtained from individual research and is not an official confirmation from the tournament organizer Krafton India. This list may undergo updates and revisions as more teams reveal their points to the creator. Fans and teams alike should stay tuned to official announcements and tournament updates for the most accurate and up-to-date information on team standings.

What is the Losers Bracket in BGIS 2023?

The Losers Bracket format in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 (BGIS 2023) is a crucial stage where teams get a second chance at redemption after facing initial setbacks in the tournament. In this double-elimination format, a total of 64 teams, comprising 16 teams from Round 3 and an additional 48 teams from Round 4, compete for a shot at the Semi Finals. These 64 teams are evenly distributed into four groups, each containing 16 squads, setting the stage for fierce competition. Only one team will advance to the semifinal from each group.

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