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Battlegrounds Mobile India Website adds download button for a short interval

Battlegrounds Mobile India is only a few steps away before fully launching in India and the developers took yet another big step by announcing the start of the pre-registration process earlier today. The pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India will begin from 18th May 2021 and the game is expected to arrive within few weeks but a small mishap or technical error showcased the download button for few minutes on their official website.

Krafton announced Battlegrounds Mobile India as a completely new title and as a result, its social media presence was set up as well.

A new website was hosted for Battlegrounds Mobile India and it is used to convey the latest information regarding this new game. Apparently, a download prompt popped up on this website for some time and it redirected the users to the Battlegrounds Mobile India page on Google Play Store.

The website included a “GET IT ON GOOGLE PLAY” prompt which redirected users to Google Play Store.

The ‘Download’ or ‘Pre-register’ button was not present on the page yet but the listing was clear. This listing shows Krafton as the developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India with the game rated for a 16+ audience.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a few days away these things can be preparations by Krafton before a full-scale launch of the game. The player base is eagerly awaiting the return of PUBG Mobile in India and pre-registrations begin from next week so make sure to register and earn rewards.

This download prompt was quickly taken down from the website and now, the button has disappeared. It might be considered as a technical glitch on the website of Battlegrounds Mobile India or an unintentional mishap by the developers.

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