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BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Pre-Registrations to begin from 18th May

Krafton has officially announced the start of pre-registration process for their new title Battlegrounds Mobile India. This new game is the rebranded version of PUBG Mobile India and players can pre-register for it from 18th May 2021. The process will only start for android users for now and support for iOS devices might be added on the later stages.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced just a few days ago and the pre-registration process was mentioned in that post. It was expected to start in upcoming weeks but Krafton is speeding up the launch process. Indian fans are awaiting the launch of PUBG Mobile from the past 8 to 9 months and the developers are delivering it as soon as they can.

The pre-registration process will begin on 18th May 2021 as mentioned above and it will start on Google Play Store only. The android users can register for this game and gain specific rewards for doing so. It will be similar to any other pre-registration process and players just need to click on the ‘Pre-register’ button on the app store to enroll themselves.

This version of PUBG Mobile will be available exclusively in India and hence, the rewards are specific to Indian players only. There are also some new claims which come as good news for Indian players. Those who have invested money in their old accounts will get their inventory back in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

This means that all your skins and other purchases will be restored as it is but these are just claims for now. Officials are yet to clarify anything regarding this situation but players can check it for themselves once the game is launched.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally coming in India after clearing lots of roadblocks in the last few months. The journey has been rocky but at the end, Indian players will get to enjoy their favourite game once again.

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