Indian Gaming Community highly anticipated the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India on 10th June 2021. But that was a false alarm for every Battlegrounds Mobile India game enthusiast. But no one has lost hope and is back again with the new expected release date. The community gets hints from various sources, the major ones are Krafton itself and ex PUBG Mobile Influencers.

Krafton is leaving no stone unturned to keep the excitement in the minds of Battlegrounds Mobile India lovers. Each day, the officials upload different posts on their social media accounts. Yesterday, Krafton did the same thing by uploading another post with a major hint. Yes, everyone is talking about that one particular hint that could unwrap the release date of the game.

The officials have posted an image of a pan wrapped in a gift wrapper among some tools. The tool is the key to the most awaited release date. This is the information being circulated around the community. We can see a Buggy, paper cutter, tape, and a graph in the image. The description of the image read as ‘We know you’ve been waiting for us for a long time. We’re super excited for the biggest drop of the year!’

Some fans have decoded the image and managed to calculate the expected release date. So what is the hint? The graph on the image has some numbers printing on it. Adding these numbers comes up with a total sum of 18. Yes, heard it right, your most favorite battle royale game could be releasing on 18th June.

Influencers hinting the dates

Some famous influencers are also hinted the expected release of the game. Though they are not allowed to revel the excate date, but can always hint the date for their lovely fans.

Abhijeet ‘Ghatak’ Andhare, the well known esports athlete for TSM announced the expected release date of the game. He asked his fans to do some tasks to earn that hint. He wrote “Everyone is asking me the launch date of the BGMI, I am not going to reveal the date but yea if this tweet get 20k likes, I will give you a solid hint of BGMI launch date”. It just took few minutes by the fans to reach that goal and Ghatak gave the hint. He wrote ” BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Third week of June”.

So 18th June and the third week of June compliments each other strongly. If we go with this date, only 7 days are left for the game release. I am ready to jump into the battlefield, Are you?