Astralis has finally announced on Twitter, it has signed Magisk. The reveal came in much after numerous treasures in a unique form of emojis.

The event progressed after Astralis’ Kjaerbye quit the team following undisclosed reasons. While Kjaerbye moved his way to North, k0nfig was kicked to make space.

Astralis sign MagisK

Magisk has been a part of Dignitas for a longer period before moving to the emerging Danish organization North. Eventually, due to the underperformance of Magisk, North was quick to replace Magisk with Valde.

Magisk was currently a part of OptiC Gaming, where he was freed officially by the organization.

We had earlier predicted that the player which Astralis chose to sign could be one among Friberg, k0nfig, pimp & Magisk. The new lineup will be first seen during the IEM Katowice 2018, scheduled a few weeks from now.

OptiC Gaming a few hours ago announced the departure of MagisK which further strengthened this speculation.

Other than the Danish roster change, the most twitched of all was benching TaZ from the Polish organization. The next player to depart from the organization could be NEO, if his performance doesn’t improve in the recent time.