TaZ benched; Virtus.pro loans MICHU from Kinguin

The long-standing speculations have finally been put on an official note as Virtus.pro announces roster change. The change comes in with the much expected TaZ being removed from the active lineup in place of MICHU. The new player will be a tryout for the Polish team for a period of one month.

As Pasha calls it, “The wonderful era has ended today.” The Polish team will start playing with the 21-year-old MICHU who has in the past, shared the stage with Byali and Snax.

However, this is not the first time MICHU has brought in to fill the space. In the past, the player has temporarily replaced Pasha for a couple of games.

“In March we will make further announcements on the lineup. I would also like to thank Wiktor for his commitment throughout the years of his time in Virtus.pro. He’s the main reason Golden 5 joined VP, kept playing for VP and kept playing together,” said Virtus.pro’s General Manager Roman Dvoryankin.

Roman Tweeted a couple of days ago about the ‘hardest’ time of his life, with the decisions he could be possibly taking.

Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas, was the IGL for Virtus.pro and has been associated with the fellow players for over a decade. The organization’s decision to set him aside and allow the player to negotiate with other squads have left broken hearts. With TaZ moving out, the next player to face the brunt of the underperformance could be NEO.