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Fortnite Fame Arkhram is permanently switching from MKB to Controller

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100T Arkhram recently announced that he will be ditching the Mouse/Keyboard permanently for Controller due to superior aim assist.

Diego “Arkhram” Lima is considered one of the best Fortnite player from the NA West region. He currently plays for Esports Organisation 100 Thieves and regularly streams his game on Twitch. 

In his latest stream titled “Solo Arena | Switching to Controller”, the player was seen playing with a controller and had his bot spamming the message, “Yes, actually switching to a controller, Yes it’s a permanent change; Switching cause controller has aimbot & is superior[Using a scuf impact].”

From his message, one thing is clear that Arkhram like other Fortnite Professional’s feel that the aim assist on Controller is overturned, and rather than helping those with a controller, it provides them with a clear advantage over those with MKB setup.

In the past, many players had protested against the rule that allowed players to use controllers in official matches and requested to only allow MKB exclusively in those matches.

Some players even requested Epic to remove the controversial Aim Assist entirely from the game or only keep allow it in casual games. 

Although Epic did listen to their demands and slight tunned the aim assist to be less aggressive, but they still moved with the rule that allowed players to use controllers in official games. This move angered many professional players and the cries of “controller players are cheaters” started to rise again. 

While 100T Arkhram is the first one to ditch MKB in favor of the controller, he won’t be the last professional player who switched to controllers in the future. 

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