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Apex Legends Decrypt the Password Locations Revealed

Apex Legends have been a popular game for a long time and players get to crew up or go about it solo and battle their rivals until they are unbeaten. Although numerous players need to get familiar with Decrypt the password in Apex Legends.

Season 8 of Apex Legends introduced a whole new event called Decrypt the password, this event will run from the 16th of April to the 4th of May. 

The players need to scan Holo-Sprays in various locations to earn rewards but first, they have to go to a neutral Care Package to retrieve a key card. After retrieving the key card players will have to activate it in the lobby to access the challenges on the map. 

Players are finding it hard to find the Decrypt the Password Locations. The guide of Decrypt the Password is given below:

King Canyon

  • Top of The Cage.
  • Riverside of Bunker.
  • Top of Crash Site.
  • The roof of the large structure near the mountainside outside Singh Labs.
  • Under the entrance of the large structure at the north side of Offshore Rig.
  • Inside the secret lab at Caustic Treatment.
  • Under a building on the north side of Creature Containment.
  • Eastside of Swamps near the edge of the map.
  • Westside of Runoff.
  • Top of Skull Salvage.
  • At a building south of Watchtower South.
  • Inside The Pit, on the north side.
  • On the outside of the large bunker at Hydro Dam.
  • In an open space south of Artillery Battery.
  • On top of the large wall on the south side of Artillery Battery.
  • Northside of Airbase.
  • Westside of Spotted Lake, near the X-shaped building.


  • Top of the center building at Autumn Estates.
  • In the middle of the Arcadia Supercarrier, located on a suspended beam.
  • On top of a wall in Central Turbine going to Hammond Labs.
  • On the roof of Hammond Labs.
  • Behind the central suspended structure on Orbital Cannon Test Site.
  • Under a bridge in the center of Hydroponics.
  • Northeast of Elysium.
  • Under the bridge between Orbital Cannon Test Site and Bonsai Plaza.
  • On top of a building on the west side of Rift Aftermath.
  • In the northwesternmost building at Bonsai Plaza.
  • In the north building at Velvet Oasis.
  • Inside a building at Energy Depot, near Hammond Labs.
  • The easternmost part of the map, east of Golden Gardens.
  • Inside the middle tower at Grow Towers.
  • Northernmost side of the map, just north of Power Grid.

After completing all the challenges, the players are required to enter the passcode at the Firing range and then they will be transported to a different arena where a cut scene will play which is also a teaser for Apex Legends Season 9. Finally, they can go back to the lobby and will be awarded the Impress Me Badge.

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