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All Upcoming Apex Legends changes in Latest Fight Night Update

Fight Night event update is set to bring tons of buffs and nerfes aimed at balancing the game. Set to drop on 5th January, the game will get tons of new skins and cosmetics other than a heirloom for Gibraltar with Airdrop Escalation.

Weapon Changes:

The weapons namely the Hemlok, Mastiff, and Prowler are getting tweaked with Buffs and Nerfs that will make the game balanced on the weapons front.

The Prowler’s will get an enlarged total magazine to 210 from 175 bullets, which is understandable given the gun is quite reasonable in terms of firepower. Hemlok will have its damage per bullet reduced from 22 to 20 which isn’t much of a nerf. The Mastiff’s pellet spread will be changed for the third and fourth shots with the range getting reduced from 10 degrees to 7.5. 


The Fight Night update will bring a minor buff to the Rampart, primarily an altered cooldown period for her Amped Cover. The tactical ability recharge will take 10 seconds less, reduced to 20 from 30 seconds. Given it only takes three seconds to set it up, there is nothing else that can be done with this. Other than getting buffed Rampart will have his bugs fixed to make the overall user experience better.


The other Fight Night Legend change is around Caustic. The 25 seconds wait for his Nox Gas Trap is reduced by 5 seconds and only takes up 20 seconds for now. Though there are no other alterations surrounding the Caustic but Respawn finds it far from ideal and certainly not what they expect from it.

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