Apex Legends Season 8

Respawn Entertainment has come through once again with a ban wave, taking down 652 cheaters from ruining the competitive integrity of Apex Legends with promises of an improved anti-cheat on the way.

Every multiplayer game out there has been infested with cheaters who look to bring down the competitive integrity of the game for their personal gain. Apex Legends being one of the most popular Battle Royales out there today which makes it a prime target for cheaters. The game houses some of the most notorious cheaters out there and now some of them are ripped away by Respawn’s best efforts.

“652 cheaters manually/individually banned today. Am tired. Love you all” Respawn Head of Security Conor Ford aka Hideout has confirmed on Twitter. The tweet also specified that the process of banning was done manually and individually that speaks to their concern for the community and integrity.

Besides banning cheaters he promised scanning the Japanese player base specifically given the alarming rise in the number of cheaters on their servers. Japan serves as one of the biggest markets for Respawn which explains their exclusive attention towards them but Hideout also mentioned “plans in place, that will be announced relatively soon, to help better this problem.”, it can be assumed that the said plans will be beneficial to all the players across the globe.

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