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Apex Legends Season 8: Upcoming buffs and nerfs for All characters

Upcoming buffs and nerfs for Apex Legends characters in Season 8

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As Apex Legends Season 7 comes closer to its end, developers at Respawn are gearing up for Apex Legends Season 8 update. With less than a month left from the typically season end, the developers have finally let out little insights about the upcoming changes in the Season 8 update. 

Replying to a suggestion post about Wattson’s rework over at Apex Legends’ official subreddit, senior game designer Daniel Klein gave players a little insight about the changes coming in Season 8. 

Upcoming buffs and nerfs for Apex Legends characters in Season 8

Wattson- Even after previous reworks, she is still a strong pick with a high win rate. In her case, even a slight change in abilities might tilt the balance and would have a huge impact on the character.

For her, developers are thinking about implementing some non-power ways to balance her without making her kit useless or overpowered.

Lifeline- Lifeline won’t be receiving any changes at the start of season 8 as the changes made to her need time to complete further testing before implementing.

Later in the season, her passive ability will be receiving a nerf and her ultimate will get a buff to balance out the changes and reduce some frustrations surrounding her passive.

Revenant- Earlier Respawn had no plans to make changes to Revenant, but after reviewing the hitbox changes the team believes a slight buff to the character is needed and will be working on him after season 8 goes live.

Rampart- With the season 8 update, Rampart’s Amped Walls will receive a +45 health boost while building.

This buff will make her walls tougher and increase survivability. Her walls will also receive a quality-of-life update which will relate to the “ally player paradigm” making her walls able to tank bullets other than sniper shots.

Wraith- No one would deny the fact that Wraith was somewhat overpowered before she was nerfed. While Wraith isn’t the number 1 legend anymore after rounds of nerfs, she is still a strong legend according to devs.

With the season 8 update Wraith will receive another nerf, this time to her hitboxes. Devs plans to increase the size of hitboxes on Wraith making her a little bit easier to target.

Horizon- Another strong legend that is getting nerfed in the upcoming update. According to devs, despite receiving nerfs to her Gravity Lift, Horizon has been overperforming.

Starting season 8, Horizon will receive nerfs to her mobility and hitboxes. Devs believe that going hard nerf route on mobility might nerf her too hard and a little increase in hitboxes sizes will help balance out things.

Season 8 update is due in late January or early February, till then Respawn has enough time to make some more adjustments and they might provide even more insights at a later date. 

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