Amazon already offers Twitch prime to its prime members without any additional costs and now it seems like Amazon is about to do something similar for Pubg Mobile as well. In-game items will be given away to Amazon Prime members for which they require to do a minimal procedure and Amazon has already released an inventory of items as well that Pubg Mobile players can get their hands on in the upcoming days.

How to get in-game items for free

A specific page has been created by amazon for Pubg users providing all the details on what items users will get and how they can use these in-game items. As of now, Amazon is offering “Infiltrator Mask” as a sub item from the entire infiltrator series and it says on the page that rest of the items will soon be made available as well. The list of upcoming items is as follows: Infiltrator Jacket with Gloves, Infiltrator Shoes, Infiltrator Pants, Blood Oath – Kar98K, Black Magma Parachute.

As an extension, players will also receive in game loot on a monthly basis and Prime members can get exclusive in game content which normal users wont be able to acquire.

It was reported by TechCrunch that Amazon plans to partner with other game developers like EA, Wargaming Mobile, Moonton, Netmarble, and more and provide players with similar deals across various games.

This will benefit both sides of the table as amazon will get more prime subscribers and players will get exclusive in game items.