All you need to know about StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3

Its been a good year for Dota 2 already, we started the year watching the second minor of the season which also turned out to be most-watched DPC minor ever and now its time for a round number three, StarLadder ImbaTV Season 3.

Kyiv, Ukraine will be the playground where eight teams will brawl for the title, share of $300,000 and a ticket to ESL One Los Angeles Major. This minor is going to be witnessing some big names like Alliance, Gambit Esports, Team Aster and so.

Where to?

Fans will be able to get aboard the hype train on with the games being live-streamed in, available in English and Russian on broadcasters official channel on Twitch.

Watch live video from hotwussy on

What for?

$300,000 are up for grabs, title to claim and a trophy along with a ticket to the ESL One Los Angeles Major.

Prize distribution:

  • First: $72,000
  • Second: $60,000
  • Third: $54,000
  • Fourth: $42,000
  • Fifth and sixth: $24,000
  • Seventh and eighth: $12,000

And the format?

Eight teams participating in will be further split into two GSL groups, and the groups to follow round-robin format.

All of the games played are a best-of-three series.

Top two teams advance to the Playoffs
Bottom two teams are eliminated.

The Playoffs will continue with a double-elimination bracket with all matches being played with a best-of-three format.

The only exception being the Grand Finals, which will be a best-of-five series.

And the date?

March 5th – 8th.

The tournament’s Group Stage is set to begin on March 5 scheduling 5:30 pm IST.