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Download, Install & Play CSGO with Custom Mods

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In January 2020, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) reached 817.23 thousand concurrent players on Steam. The game reached its record high peak concurrent player number in April 2016, at nearly 850.5 thousand gamers playing at the same time. The entire community has been so keen and focused when it comes to playing Counter-Strike:Global Offensive as they all compete to be the best and climb up to a remarkable position.

With the majority of the players grinding in to enter the pro scene, since then we have failed to witness the glorious Counter-Strike:Source days where players used to play with some custom modding done in the game like the weapon skins, agents and their uniforms and different layouts of the map. Since the launch of CS:GO, as mentioned above players have literally been putting some serious efforts in the game which is absolutely an optimistic approach towards their career but somewhere or the other we do lack the fun of those old school custom plugins where we could actually take our gameplay experience to some new heights. Over the years, some of the community servers which have the 128 tick rate computing do entertain some custom mods where it really feels to play among others.

As of now, Valve does have the custom modding privileges in it’s yet another famous title DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2) where we can actually witness a complete Arcade system which does allow us to browse a custom game section for some custom maps which do happen to be the modifications of the main game. As of now, Valve hasn’t yet given a green light to use the mod plugins for the competitive scene where if you are caught using the same, you might be facing a ban or would be disconnected from the server. Even in Team Fortress 2, yet another famous title by Valve has been beaming with some cool modding stuff. Mods are basically added into the game via several injector firmware available through some 3rd party sources but they do give a disclaimer about the fact that they are yet not authorized by the parent company. Even in Team Fortress 2, yet another famous title by Valve has been beaming with some cool modding stuff. Unfortunately, despite being very well saturated, CSGO modding scene isn’t particularly known to the public as they never have been really subjected to them for real. But slowly and steadily we are seeing a transition where the player base Is seemingly sticking to some community servers rather than playing competitively.

As an alternative for using mods and custom stuff in-game, Valve had introduced the Weapon skins and various knife models where one can browse through some cool categories featuring various shapes and types of knives to be used in official competitive games. But again life’s never easy as you would have to update your steam wallet with some currency to grab them from the community market.

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