In a surprise to everyone, Steam just revealed a new Chat-Only mobile app which will feature the new modernized steam chat UI that we are using currently on the desktop client. Valve in a Steam Blog announcement detailed the new app and its feature. The new app is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from respective stores.

The new app includes many things similar to the desktop version of chat, including the

Friends list:

just like the desktop version, your friend list will be grouped by games being played so that it will be easier to spot friends who are playing the game of your choice and play with them.

Rich Chat:

Another feature from the desktop chat we get will be the rich chat. With rich chat we get the ability to link GIFs, Videos, Tweets, Steam emoticons, Giphy, etc.

Invite Links:

With the new invite link feature, you will be able to generate a never expiring link that can be copied and pass onto your friends through text or email. The user clicking on the invite link will be able to chat and add you to their friends list. Rather a neat feature than going through all the “search by username” step for adding new friends.

Group Chats:

The desktop version of modernized chat also came with a group chat feature which allowed users to make a group of friends or community and get everyone on the same front. With group chat organising events, game nights, gaming sessions or communicating with community became a breeze. Finally, the new mobile chat app will also be getting this feature making it easier to manage groups better and on the fly without the need of desktop all time.

Customizable Notifications:

This is rather a new mobile only feature where we will be able to customize mobile notifications as per friends, group chat and/or chat channel. This feature will help to moderate the notifications we will be getting from an active community group chat or friend and give us the ability to only receive notifications about important chats ( mobile notification in drop down menu or lock screen).

But this isn’t the only thing that Steam have in mind. They are working on improving the Chat app over time to include voice chat feature. As for the older Steam Mobile app, it will receive a shift in focus towards security features. Steam plans to introduce new Steam Guard options such as QR codes and one-touch login.
For now, Steam intends to keep dedicated Chat app and Security app so as both can be worked independently without one breaking the other. They might be merged later on, but they didn’t mention it.

Try it out now.

iOS: get the app on the Apple App Store
Android: get the app on Google Play