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7SEA Esports announces BGMI Lineup

7SEA Esports returned to the competitive PUBG community by hiring a powerful roster to compete in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The new roster is a blend of top players and upcoming stars, lead by a veteran player Prince.

The 7SEA Esports has hired Prince, Aladin, Sarang and SPRAYGOD to represent their organization in the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India tournaments. The role of in-game leader is appointed to Prince and since he has been in the community since the very start, this addition will certainly make a big impact on their playstyle.

Prince made his debut in Indian Tigers and has represented India on the international level. He has represented multiple teams in the last couple of years and now, he will be leading 7SEA Esports on a path to success.

Aladin is yet another star who has proved to be worthy in multiple situations. This duo will be joined by budding stars like Sarang and Spraygod to create a power-packed team.

Talking about this roster acquisition, the Founder and Managing Director of 7SEA Esports Santosh Pecheti stated, “The team has the calibre to dominate the scene. Our plans revolve around rapid expansion into the community through aggressive gameplay, bringing some exciting content around players and position as a top esports brand.”

Prince also commented on his new roster and their plans for the future. He said, “We are a balanced team. Aladdin and I played LAN events and understand the competition well, whereas Sarang and SPRAYGOD are both new and emerging players that can dominate the scene. The team works hard and winning with style is our

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