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12 Year old League of Legends streamer makes $4,700 monthly via streaming

A 12 Year old boy that goes by “Xiao Xin” lives in the province Jiangxi in southern China. He live streams his League of Legends matches, once winning 18 matches in a row is considered one of the most skillful players of such a young age. With an average of 50,000-60,000 viewers each live stream and a record of 140,000 viewers became hired as a streamer for Panda TV, a popular platform for live streaming, (which is owned by the son of the richest man in China). Even professional League of Legend teams have considered and want to recruit him.

Photo courtesy: 2P.com
Photo courtesy: 2P.com

Xiao Xin’s mother was interviewed and was questioned about her views and reactions to Xiao Xin’s success. Xiao Xin’s mother states that she was never aware that he could play League of Legends at such a high skill level, she hopes he will become better and better with no intention of stopping, not just as a career but also for the long run. She says it is also lucky that a lot of his friends got to know him and start to care about him and soon enough like him.

In the interview she also mentioned that her initial reaction was that she was worried that it would affect his studies just like any parent would. Her and her husband didn’t approve and wanted him to study instead but they realized how talented he is so they began to support him and his talent. When questioned about Xiao Xin’s plans for the future she said that she and her husband will support Xiao Xin to develop his talent all the time.

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