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How to Get the Superman Matrix Code Skin in MultiVersus

MultiVersus, a unique crossover event has merged the universes of The Matrix and DC, offering players the chance to don their favorite characters in Matrix-themed attire. Among these is the Superman Matrix Code skin, a digital costume that wraps the iconic superhero in the signature green code of the Matrix universe. If you’re eager to upgrade Superman’s look with this free skin, here’s what you need to know.

Steps To Acquire The Superman Matrix Code skin in MultiVersus:

To obtain the Superman Matrix Code skin, players must participate in the “Beat Rifts, Get Agent Smith Free” event within the game. The key to unlocking this skin lies in reaching level 22 within the event’s framework.

Event Timeline

The event is time-limited, having commenced on May 27, and is scheduled to conclude on July 30. This gives players a finite window to complete the necessary challenges and claim their rewards.

The Challenge: Defeating the Final Bosses

Progression through the event is contingent upon defeating the final bosses located within the Rifts. These bosses act as gatekeepers to the next levels and ultimately to the coveted Matrix Code skins.

Available Rifts

There are two Rifts that players can explore during the event:

  1. Multiversal Mayhem: Join forces with Batman to bring down the nefarious Joker.
  2. Rift Detectives: Team up with Velma to unravel a gripping mystery.

Both Rifts offer unique challenges and are integral to advancing through the event.

The Reward: Matrix-Inspired Skins

By participating in the event and overcoming the final bosses, players not only work towards unlocking the Superman Matrix Code skin but also have the opportunity to obtain various other Matrix-inspired skins for some of the most beloved characters in the game.

The “Beat Rifts, Get Agent Smith Free” event in MultiVersus is a thrilling opportunity for fans to immerse themselves further into the game’s expansive universe. By reaching level 22 and defeating the final bosses in the Rifts, players can adorn Superman with the Matrix Code skin, along with other characters, enhancing their gaming experience with a touch of cyberpunk flair. Remember, the event is only available until July 30, so be sure to dive in and claim your Matrix-inspired rewards before they’re gone.

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