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MultiVersus Daily Reset Time: When Do Quests and Rewards Reset?

For avid players of MultiVersus, staying on top of daily quests and rewards is crucial. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer eager to play as the Banana Guard, it’s essential to know when the game resets its daily quests to maximize your progress and rewards from the battle pass.

When Do Quests Reset in MultiVersus?

The game resets its daily quests at a consistent time: 11:00 am GMT/7:00 am EST every single day. This is the moment when new daily quests become available, and you have the opportunity to complete them for rewards.

How to Check the Refresh Time In-Game

To find out when the quests will refresh, you can navigate to the Missions tab in the game. There, you’ll find a section labeled “Refreshes in…” located below the Daily Missions subtab, which provides a countdown to the next reset.

Weekly Missions Refresh Rate

While daily quests reset every day, Weekly Missions follow a different schedule. They refresh once a week, also at 11:00 am GMT/7:00 am EST. This means you have a whole week to complete these missions before new ones take their place.

Current In-Game Bug

Players should be aware of a known bug that may prevent the refresh time from being displayed in-game, particularly when there are only a few minutes remaining before the reset. Warner Bros Games is aware of this issue and is likely working on a fix to ensure that the refresh time is visible at all times.

In summary, to stay ahead in MultiVersus, remember to check the Missions tab for daily and weekly quests, and plan your game time around the 11:00 am GMT/7:00 am EST reset. Keep an eye out for updates from the developers regarding the in-game display bug to ensure you never miss a quest reset.

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