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SBTC Esports win Wild Rift SEA Championship


SBTC Esports from Vietnam were crowned as champions at the grand finals of Wild Rift SEA Championship 2021. In a long battle of best-of-seven series, SBTC Esports overpowered Filipino powerhouse Team Secret and won the tournament in a dominant manner.

Wild Rift SEA Championship was the pinnacle of competitive Wild Rift in the Southeast Asian region. Teams from multiple countries fought in Icon Series and subsequently qualified for Wild Rift SEA Championship. This tournament boasted a massive prize pool of $200,000 and SBTC Esports won a lion’s share of $30,000 along with the title of Wild Rift SEA Champions.

Riot Games is forming a sustainable esports ecosystem for their new mobile title LOL: Wild Rift and their focus has been on some major regions to promote their game and one of them was Southeast Asia. The game was first launched in this region in a closed beta phase and quickly moved towards an almost global release within a few months.

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Southeast Asian region has enjoyed a good support from Riot Games in terms of boosting the competitive ecosystem. They organized multiple events in this region and SEA Championship was biggest of them all. Best teams representing their home countries gathered in this tournament and Team Secret was one of the fan favourites to stand as a contender for the throne.

Teams from other regions gave a tough competition but SBTC Esports from Vietnam challenged them the most. SBTC defeated Team Secret in the upper bracket semifinals to send them into the lower bracket.

SBTC Esports kept a steady streak to win till the grand finals and Team Secret found their way to the finals to challenge SBTC once again. This rematch started with a good battle between the both in first match. SBTC had a upper hand in the early game but Team Secret found perfect engages to win the first map.

SBTC made a massive comeback from the second game onwards and won four games in the row to conclude this tournament as champions. They won a prize of $30,000 along with a seed in Wild Rift Horizon Cup.

Team Secret will be tagging along with SBTC to attend the Horizon Cup in Singapore and while the rest of the world concludes their own regional tournaments, SBTC stands as SEA champions for a while.


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